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Jane Sambrook

13KG GONE / 29lbs

Shift Worker and Bourbon and Cola Devotee

As a shift worker and mum of three, Jane struggled to keep her weight down when she hit her forties. Part-time dieting allowed her to shed 13kg /28lbs, still have a social life and enjoy her favourite Friday night tipple.

“My life is hectic at the best of times, I have three kids, I was going to University, and working full time,” Jane told us. “Other programs were too hard to fit into my schedule, I could never find time for all the food prep or all the exercise, and shakes were too expensive. I kept hearing ‘stop making excuses’ but I really did have good reasons for why I couldn’t fit time for myself in. And I feel like a lot of women will feel the same way, which is part of why I wanted to share my story. It shouldn’t be this hard. All I really needed was a flexible, part-time diet solution. And luckily SuperFastDiet gave me exactly that.

I love that I can move my fast days or fast times around, that I can’t really ‘break’ this, the way you can with a traditional diet. It really is unbreakable. It’s realistic, it doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing. I saw results really quickly. I’ve lost 13kg / 28lbs in 13 weeks and I feel fresh and energetic… better than I have in years. And I still get to have my bourbon and cola on a Friday night! It is actually really easy. It might sound scary to begin with, but trust me, it’s easy. I feel good about myself now. And lots of people are noticing!”