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Helen Souvlis

6KG GONE / 13lbs

Business Development Manager and Chocolate Fan

Starting SuperFastDiet was a way to help a friend, but the health benefits and feeling better about herself was a second benefit for Helen. Dropping 6kg / 13lbs, was a nice surprise too!

“I have Greek heritage, so food has always been a part of my life,” Helen told us. “I love to cook and eat. And as a kid and younger woman I struggled with my weight despite always being very active. I never liked shopping when I was younger; as I hated not fitting the things I liked. Most people would probably think I was happy in my own skin, but I never really have been. Although I was in reasonable shape, I always wanted to be a few centimetres smaller and despite exercising consistently, I learned ‘you cannot outrun your fork!!’

I had read a lot about fasting, so I understood the many health benefits that it offered. And since one of my friends needed help to lose weight, I suggested we start this knowing that it would aid her weight loss and also that I was doing something good for my own health. I felt better in myself almost immediately; and from an eating perspective, I never feel like I’m missing out because I can still have all of the foods that I love.

I have now lost 6kg/ 13lbs. I’m down more than a dress size, shopping is much more enjoyable and I feel amazing. On top of that and more importantly, I have reversed high cholesterol, my diabetes risk factors are down, and I know fasting is great for reducing cancer risk as well. The bonus about SuperFastDiet is it’s part-time. It’s not a fad diet. A diet is a short-term fix. This is a long-term lifestyle solution that suits me perfectly. It’s flexible, and it’s easy. I still eat chocolate on many days, I still entertain and of course enjoy eating out with my friends. As a bonus, I look and feel pretty good for fifty!”