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Mary-anne O’Connor

23KG GONE / 51lbs

Best Selling Author and Vegemite Toast Addict

Becoming a writer in her 40’s was a dream come true but ‘success made me fat’ Mary-Anne O’Connor reveals. Now, with 23kgs gone forever, she hasn’t looked back – and yes, she still enjoys her Vegemite toast!

“I’d always been quite an active person, having owned a gym and working in the fitness industry, then being constantly on my feet in my busy marketing/lecturing/teaching career. Having my children kept me active too, but I did begin to gain weight, mostly because I was grazing on ‘kid food’ but also, I suspect, due to hormone fluctuations.

Then along came the news of a lifetime: I was offered a contract by Harper Collins to publish my first novel, Gallipoli Street. It was a success and seven more books were soon contracted, however sitting down all day, every day, took its toll on my weight. To my horror I discovered I’d gained 20 kilos within a few short years. 23 if you count my ideal weight back when I was in my mid-twenties. That was a low point in my life. I felt old, unhealthy, unattractive and burnt out. It was hard to feel successful and happy when, deep down, I felt so low about myself.

Enter SuperFastDiet. I was sceptical at first that I could actually do a fast day but then I saw the 3 day fast and figured I could give that a go. I was surprised at how easy I found it to stick to 3 days a week at 1000 calories but I knew I would be able to eat and drink pretty much what I wanted on the other days (including my beloved Vegemite toast!). That was a game changer for me.

All up, I lost 23kgs in time for my 50th birthday and I felt so young and free that night. Three years later, my weight sometimes goes up (8kgs during lockdown) but I just do the 3 day fast and I lose it very quickly every time. (6 weeks and it was gone!)

It feels incredible to wear nice ‘young’ clothes again and not hide away under layers. I feel like there’s nothing I couldn’t achieve if I put my mind to it now. SFD changed my life.”