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Rosemary Slade

13.5KG GONE / 30lbs

Super Staffer and French Fry Enthusiast

Discovering the part-time diet was a light bulb moment for this young creative. The former magazine editor loved the Super Life so much, she works here now!

“As an editor and writer, I spend long periods sitting down at my computer. My weight started to creep up after a few years of this sedentary lifestyle, and I was horrified. I stopped going out, stopped saying yes to event invitations and started hiding my figure under baggy clothes. 65kg / 176lbs probably doesn’t sound like a lot, but for someone petite like me (I’m 5’2” or 157cm), it is a lot and it looks like a lot. I tried so many things and they always made me feel like it was my fault for not being able to fit all the food preparation or exercise that they recommended into my lifestyle. But it just wasn’t reasonable! My daily to-do list is insane at the best of times. SuperFastDiet was a part-time solution that gave me back my confidence, and put the control for my weight in my own hands.

I decide when I fast and when I feast. And even better, the weight just started to fall off. That’s never, ever happened for me before. Ever! Now, I’m a much more confident, happy person. I’ve always loved fashion, so it was really upsetting to not be able to wear the clothes I love. But I’m back to myself again. Shopping is now a joy instead of a horror. I’ve lost 13kgs / 143lbs in 24 weeks, I’m down to 52kg /114lbs and maintaining it has been so easy. I never feel restricted or deprived: I still get to enjoy my glass of wine, my Friday night cheeseburger and my favourite – French fries. Now that is freedom. Best. Diet. Ever!”