GEN superfastdiet 30kg weight loss

genevieve davidson

30KG Gone
Co-Founder SuperFastDiet & Flake Fanatic

Genevieve had given up on ever losing the 30 kilos she’d gained over the years until her brother-in-law walked into a party and changed her life.

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Helen Souvlis


Business Development Manager and Chocolate Fan

Starting SuperFastDiet was a way to help a friend, but the health benefits and feeling better about herself was a second benefit for Helen. Dropping six kilos was a nice surprise too!

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Lisa Princi


Devoted Mum and Eggplant Parmigiana Lover

Being a busy mum of three, Lisa just didn’t have time for programs that took over her life and never yielded results. SuperFastDiet gave her a flexible solution that allowed her to shed almost 10kg quickly!

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Jane Sambrook


Shift Worker and Bourbon and Cola Devotee

As a shift worker and mum of three, Jane struggled to keep her weight down when she hit her forties. Part-time dieting allowed her to shed 13kg, still have a social life and enjoy her favourite Friday night tipple.

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Rosemary Slade


Super Staffer and French Fry Enthusiast

Discovering the part-time diet was a light bulb moment for this young creative. The former magazine editor loved the Super Life so much, she works here now!

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victoria black

10KG Gone
Co-Founder SuperFastDiet & Ice Cream Devotee

Victoria tried everything to lose weight but always ended up breaking her diet and re-gaining. Now she has lost those stubborn 10 kilos that plagued her life for good, finding part-time dieting ‘unbreakable’.

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Tracey Watson


Company Director and Roast Dinner Aficionado

Getting the most out of the rest of her life was the biggest motivator for Tracey. She shed 24kg in 33 weeks with part-time dieting, and now she feels invincible instead of invisible.

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Rebecca Ward


Early Childhood Teacher and Breakfast Lover

She had almost given up ever getting her weight under control. Peaking at 150kg in her thirties, Rebecca is now almost half that size because SuperFastDiet gave her a simple, long-term solution.

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