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Tracey Watson

24KG GONE / 53lbs

Company Director and Roast Dinner Aficionado

Getting the most out of the rest of her life was the biggest motivator for Tracey. She shed 24kg / 52lbs in 33 weeks with part-time dieting, and now she feels invincible instead of invisible.

“I put on 20 plus kilos / 44 pounds over a period of 7 years. I had low mood, I wasn’t exercising, and I hated the way I looked but couldn’t find the motivation to make a change. I wasn’t getting the best out of life. I was heading towards 50 and life was passing me by,” Tracey told us. “I didn’t participate in anything anymore. I felt invisible. I dressed to hide myself, I avoided situations where I’d feel fat, unfit and ugly compared to others. Then I went on holiday in New Zealand with my son, where we did things like whitewater rafting and other activities and I realised again that life can be fun, and that my weight was one factor that was having a hugely negative impact on me, especially in terms of my confidence. So, it really did affect my life.”

““A friend told me that I still had half a life to live, and to stop thinking that the best years are over and start making today count. I’d tried making changes in the past, but it seemed too difficult to sustain.”

SuperFastDiet was just so doable and so flexible! Instead of dieting 24/7, all I had to do was have reduced calories a couple of days a week. And the best part was that I could choose which meals to have, which days to fast and when I could enjoy a treat. I’ve now lost 24kg / 52lbs and four dress sizes in 33 weeks, and it was honestly so simple. And once I started losing weight, my health and life in general improved in a lot of other ways. I go out with friends far more, I’m doing a lot more physical activity like bushwalking, and sport, and general exercise. I can actually bear the shop changing room experience without leaving empty handed in despair. I don’t hide anymore. My confidence has risen enormously. I went from a size 14 (US10) to a size 8 (US4)! I wish I’d done this sooner. And I certainly don’t feel invisible anymore. I’m too busy to focus on the negatives of life, and if I have a blowout weekend, I can easily re-adjust to keep my weight stable!”