Shelly Horton


Leading Journalist and Caramello Bear Connoisseur

Lifestyle and news commentator Shelly Horton always wondered what life would be like if her weight wasn’t an issue. She doesn’t have to wonder anymore.

“I’ve tried to be that ‘curvy girl on TV’ and to be a role model for women of all shapes and sizes,” Shelly told us. “But I always wondered: ‘What if?’ What if my weight wasn’t an issue? What would life be like? What career opportunities would come my way? I have always struggled to lose weight, and honestly, I’ve tried everything, but I’ve never been able to achieve those miracle results like other people. And because of that, I’ve felt like a big fat failure. And those were the words that I would use in my head: that’s how I would talk to myself. There was always this mean girl. My inner troll. But since I’ve been on SuperFastDiet, I have seen amazing success. Now, I don’t say those mean things to myself anymore. Anytime the mean girl starts talking, I shut her down.

I’m not even at my goal weight yet, and I’ve lost 13kg in 17 weeks, and 15cm off my waist (which is the really bad fat that wraps around your organs)! I’ve seen some really brilliant effects on my health as well. I’ve reversed a Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis very recently, and I’m really proud of myself. SuperFastDiet has given me full-time results for a part-time commitment. I like to call it ‘stunt dieting’ because you only do it for two days, and then have the rest of the week off! I can still enjoy my caramello bears, still enjoy going out to events and having a wine. It really is a part-time diet. And when you join up, you’ll be coming along for the ride with me!”